Rawalpindi Saddar Company Tierlink, A Scam in the name Jobs

Rawalpindi Saddar Company Tierlink, A Scam in the name Jobs

As we all are aware unemployment is increasing day by day and people are worried because everyone has to support their family. But there are some people who take advantage of these situations and rob the people who are already jobless, Tierlink is one of them.

This is not a single man but a proper company based in Saddar, Rawalpindi, which robs people by giving them fake jobs. This is an awareness message for all job seekers especially those who belong to Rawalpindi/Islamabad.

Basically, Tierlink is a type of MLM (multi-level marketing) company that exploits people by offering jobs. They usually use OLX, Facebook, indeed ,and social media platforms including LinkedIn to advertise their so-called jobs for the post of Office Assistant Team Leader, Team Manager, Presenter, etc. People fall into the trap of attractive salaries and flexible hours and waste their valuable time and money.

How does Tierlink trap people?

When someone applies for a job, they ask for a CV and later call you for an interview. In the interview, they don’t conduct the interview as professionally as it is done. The interviewer just asks you a few questions about what you are doing now etc., And tells you about the company that Tierlink is in the cosmetics and perfume business.

When an applicant asks about the role and the tasks he will perform, they simply say that their role and responsibilities will be within the office and don’t elaborate. After that, the interviewer says you have been selected but you have to pay Rs 2000 as it is our company policy, if you want to pay then I will proceed with the process.

People how Pay Them For a Job:

Most of the applicants are ready to pay Rs 2000 because getting a job for only Rs 2000 is not a big deal but they all repeat the question to the interviewer what will be the job that I will do? He says that there is a complete two-day training session that will clear all the questions in your mind and you will understand what you will do with us. When you pay Rs 2000 they gives you a date for training.

On the first day of the training session, they encourage you to do something big and you feel that something different is going to happen that normally doesn’t happen on a job. Not only that, A lecturer comes and tells his stories and shows some motivational videos to motivate you. He also informs the applicant that Tierlink has three packages/offers that an applicant can choose from and increase their earnings.

The first package of tierlink is “Applicant has to pay 2000 to join tierlink. This is the basic and mandatory package everyone must pay if he is willing to work with them. Through this, the applicant will earn around 30000 per month and will be issued a Tierlink white card.

The second package demands that the applicant pay another 15000 to become an associate who will earn around 1 lakh. In the third package, you have to pay 50000 which will help you earn 1-3 lakhs per month.

They emphasize to you that you are a talented and wonderful person and you should become an associate by paying 15000. Their goal is to get as much money out of you as possible. At the end of the training, they tell you that tomorrow we will discuss the work you will have to do.

On the second day of training, the applicant is given a thorough lecture based on what you will gain by working with us. In this lecture, they tell you in detail how much money you will earn per month plus how much commission you will get, etc.

Not only that, you are told that as your earning level increases, the company will give you a motorbike, laptop, car, house, international tour, etc, as a reward. The purpose of this training session is to make you greedy so that you can work 5-6 hours a day and earn good money by cheating people like you were cheated.

Also, they do not mention anything in the training session about the work you will be doing in the office. Because there is no work that TierLink has for you to do. The only business tierlink has to trap people by offering fake jobs and loot them.

Fake Card of Tire Link to Give to peoples:

Most of the applicants are geared up to pay Rs 2000 due to the fact getting a job for only Rs 2000 is not a large deal however they all repeat the query to the interviewer what will be the task that I will do? He says that there’s a whole two-day education consultation on the way to clear all of the questions in your mind and you will recognize what you may do with us. When you pay Rs 2000 they offers you a date for education. He will give you a Fake entry Card. If you Give 1500 thousand he will give you blue card holder and per month 1 lakes salary . If you pay 50 thousand then he will give you gloden card with 3 lakes salary per month. They totely brain wash to the people.

Owner of this Furad Scheme:

Mujeeb ur Rehman Is the ower of this Furad scheme Companey. He open maney furad jobs company like time, Elfine, fragrance land Tier Link when is furad target his complete then he move to new company new name new location. In this blog, we will speak the achievement story of Fragrance Land, a Pakistani companey that started out from furad beginnings and grew into a thriving enterprise. We will explore how Fragrance Land went from being a fake job to a activity writer, and the impact it has had on the local community. Let’s dive in!

Here are some Artical and videos of people who expose this company and owner:

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Rawalpindi/Islambad brother and sister:

All my brother and sister please avoid his types of companies. His company will not left a single person he also trap does people ho are not educated. He only used person to used for money making. So please dont wasted money on this company and share this artical to friends to aware people.


Tierlink is a totaly fraud speak out against these companies that steal valuable time and money from young people. Imagine how stupid it is that you are robbing people who are already jobless and looking for opportunities to do something.

Beware all of you and share this message with your friends so that they can save themselves from such companies.

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