CD 70 Model 2024 Modification

Exhaust System:

  • Upgrading the exhaust system can improve both the sound and performance of the bike. Aftermarket exhausts are available to enhance the exhaust note and possibly increase power.
  • Air Filter: Replacing the stock air filter with a high-flow, performance air filter can enhance air intake and improve overall engine performance.


  • Paint Job: Changing the color or adding custom paintwork can give your CD 70 a unique and personalized look.
  • Graphics and Decals: Applying custom graphics or decals can add a touch of individuality to your motorcycle.


  • LED Lights: Upgrading to LED headlights, brake lights, and turn signals can enhance visibility and give your bike a modern look.
  • Auxiliary Lights: Adding auxiliary lights can improve visibility, especially during night rides.


  • Suspension Upgrade: Upgrading the front and rear suspension can improve ride comfort and handling.
  • Lowering Kit: Some riders opt for a lowering kit to reduce the ride height for a sportier look.

Handlebars and Controls:

  • Handlebar Swap: Switching to a different handlebar style, such as clip-on or drag bars, can change the bike’s ergonomics and appearance.
  • Grips and Levers: Upgrading handlebar grips and levers can add a touch of style and improve rider comfort.

Tires and Wheels:

  • Alloy Wheels: Swapping the stock wheels for alloy wheels can enhance the bike’s aesthetics and reduce weight.
  • Tire Upgrade: Upgrading to high-quality tires can improve traction and handling.

Seat Modifications:

  • Aftermarket Seat: Replacing the stock seat with an aftermarket seat can enhance comfort and alter the bike’s overall look.

Security Features:

  • Anti-Theft Systems: Installing an alarm system or other anti-theft devices can help secure your motorcycle.

Before making any modifications, it’s important to consider local regulations and ensure that the changes comply with safety standards. Additionally, keep in mind that significant modifications may affect the warranty or insurance coverage. Always follow proper installation procedures and consider consulting with a professional mechanic for complex modifications.

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