Punjab students to get electric bikes at discounted prices

The Punjab caretaker Transport Minister, Ibrahim Hassan, announced that the provincial government plans to introduce electric bikes, following the introduction of electric rickshaws.

The minister announced that the decision was made to encourage the use of eco-friendly electric vehicles as a sustainable mode of transportation.

He identified transportation as a major cause of smog in Punjab and stated that the provincial government is introducing electric bikes to tackle this issue.

Brahim Hassan announced that the government plans to distribute at least 200,000 electric bikes among students at discounted prices. “We are trying to establish a system of EV charging stations across the province,” he added.

It was reported that the Bank of Punjab has collaborated with the government to introduce a financing scheme for students, allowing them to acquire electric motorcycles through easy installments with a minimal interest rate.

The financing period has been set at two years, and the markup fixed at a modest six percent.

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