Chilled China Beijing faces coldest December on record

Beijing, the Chinese capital, is experiencing its coldest December on record. Temperatures have frequently plummeted below -10°C.

The extreme cold is hitting various provinces in China this winter, causing disruptions to normalcy. This frigid weather comes after a scorching June, where Beijing experienced its hottest-ever day at just over 40°C. The country is currently facing multiple waves of intensely cold weather this winter.

According to China Daily, a weather observatory in Beijing recorded over 300 hours of below-freezing temperatures in less than two weeks.

The cold weather has led to challenges for schools, transportation services, and energy supplies in Henan province. Heating boilers have reportedly broken down due to the persistent cold weather.

Unusually heavy snowfall in northern Japan has led to alerts being issued for heavy snow, with regions like Gifu and Hokkaido experiencing around a meter (39 inches) of snow in recent days.

South Korea is experiencing extreme temperature changes, from 16°C to below -12°C, according to the Korean Meteorological Administration (KMA). The impact of these conditions on North Korea is uncertain

China is facing an unusually harsh winter, with Beijing December on record. This has led to concerns about the impact on daily life and infrastructure.

The increasing unpredictability of global weather patterns is highlighted by the unique combination of scorching summers and freezing winters.

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