Just a Big Ball of Electricity in the air Fire at PPL substation lights up evening sky in Allentown

A fire occurred at a PPL substation in Allentown, causing a temporary power outage for over 8,400 people on Wednesday evening. The fire started at the substation located on 14th Street and Sumner Avenue. As a result of the outage, traffic lights in certain areas of the city stopped working. Workers were present at the scene throughout the night while PPL crews assessed the extent of the damage and tried to determine the root cause of the outage.

Witnesses reported that the sky in Allentown changed colors like pink and electric blue. Many heard a loud explosion and thought a plane had crashed. Yazmin Delgado was able to capture a video of the event on her cell phone, which showed a big ball of electricity in the air with blue, purple, and yellow colors.

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