Top 4 TikTok Live Host of Pakistan in 2024

1.Mr Patlo live Host:

MR. Patlo a prominent TikTok personality has ascended as a liked live host in Pakistan’s digital realm. Known for his infectious power and engaging personality he captivates audiences with wonderful live sessions on TikTok. His shows are characterised by way of humor interactive segments, and a knack for connecting with viewers in real-time. MR. Patlo’s attraction and capacity to create a energetic atmosphere have garnered him a great following cementing his function as a main stay host within Pakistans colourful social media panorama.

NameAnser jutt
Tiktok nameMr Patlo
OccupationLive Host
Followers2 million
Likes30.8 million

2.Yousaf Razzaq live Host:

Yousaf Razzaq stands as an emblematic determine in Pakistans colourful social media panorama recognized for his dynamic presence as a TikTok character and a stay host. His attractive content material on TikTok mixing humor creativity and relatability has garnered a considerable following charming audiences across the state. As a live host Razzaq brings his natural air of mystery and web hosting prowess to the vanguard effects connecting with viewers and creating an interactive and interesting enjoy. Through his virtual presence he has emerge as a beacon of enjoyment and a relatable parent inside the lives of many Pakistanis leaving a lasting effect on the united states of americas social media sphere.

NameYoussaf Razzaq
TikTok Nameyousifishere
OccupationLive host

3.Dj Aladdin live host:

DJ Aladdin has emerged as a distinguished parent in Pakistans TikTok panorama famend for his dynamic presence as a stay host. With a charismatic on-screen personality he captivates audiences in the course of live sessions mixing song entertainment and tasty interactions. Aladdins skillful curation of content and his capability to hook up with visitors on a private level have earned him a committed following. His TikTok live web hosting showcases a unique combination of power song and audience engagement solidifying his role as a move-to entertainer within the colourful social media scene of Pakistan.

Namehancy Dj
Tiktok NameDj aladdin1
OccupationTiktok live host

4.Ahmed Sunny live host:

Ahmed Sunny stands as a charismatic and influential TikTok live host hailing from Pakistan. With an innate ability to interact audiences Sunny has converted TikTok stay platform into a colourful and interactive space. Through his infectious energy and dynamic website hosting abilities he captivates viewers creating an immersive and enjoyable experience. Sunny,s allure coupled along with his knack for fostering a experience of community at some stage in stay periods has garnered him a devoted following solidifying his role as a outstanding discern in Pakistan’s TikTok landscape.

Tiktok NameAhmed sunny
OccupationLive host

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