Tiktoker MR Patlo net worth age, fight and Wiki biography in 2024

Who is Mr Patlo:

Anser Jutt referred to as Mr Patlo is a well-known Pakistani TikTok live famous person and social media sensation. He competes with different Asian TikTok live stars like Yousif Abdul Razak inside the quantity of viewers and likes. We convey all the information about Patlo Tiktoker.

You can Know everything like his real call, Age, Education, Village call, Girlfriend, Parents, and greater. Mostly TikTok stars are famous due to the fact they use TikTok live circulation.

Early life and background:

Anser jutt known as Mr Patlo lives in dubai fame from tiktok. His early life is change to millionare guy.
Mr. Patlo, whose genuine name remains a thrill ride cut his course to distinction not through silver spoons but rather irresistible giggling and interesting humor. Insights concerning his early stages are scant covered in an appeal of interest that adds to his charm. Murmurs recommend humble starting points wherein the battles of ordinary ways of life had been met with an incapacitating smile and a clever jest. This natural ability to find humor in the ordinary would come to be his unmistakable weapon, catapulting him from nearby roads to the worldwide degree of TikTok.

Mr Patlo background he was born in ahmed pur sharkeya in punjab. His his from a small village ahmed pur sharkeysa. He is from poor family back ground with low finance. He is very hard working person and challenge to do work.However points of interest stay tricky one angle is obvious. His experience isn’t generally pretty much one man’s ascent to popularity a demonstration of the versatility and humor tie Pakistan’s gatherings together. Furthermore, as his chuckling reverberations all through screens, one might not help at any point however wonder what different stories hold back to be uncovered from the coronary heart of Islamabad


Mr. Patlo sent off into his process in stay web facilitating in 2018 while he joined BigoLive beneath the pen name Patlo. He quickly earned respect and procured a goliath pay in Pakistani rupees. Nonetheless searching for a more strong stock of benefits to help his, still up in the air to move to the UK.

During his time inside the UK Mr. Patlo related with a bunch of Pakistani buddies who urged him to investigate stay site facilitating on TikTok. In January 2022 he wandered into the field of TikTok live communicating and his substance expedient earned a serious following. Along the way he experienced requesting circumstances including account suspensions because of inclusion infringement frequently entwined with confounded governmental issues encompassing those moves.

In a bid to enrich his calling possibilities Mr. Patlo took a critical action to Dubai where he set off to revive his live site facilitating experience inside the MENA (Center East and North Africa) area. Today he partakes in a normal every day benefits from TikTok and routinely accomplishes extreme stay hourly rankings making it into the zenith spots a few times each week.

Net Worth:

Now permit’s speak how a great deal mr patlo earn per month. The precise discern for mr patlo net worth remains elusive however it is able to be envisioned that he earns about $20,000 each day. His estimated internet well worth is kind of $7.2 million.

Real NameMuhammad Anser Jutt
Famous NameMr Patlo
Year of Birth1990
Age25 years
Signlucky person
Place of BirthSialkot, Pakistan
Village Nameahmed pur sharkeya
Collegeonly Middle
Mother(Passed Away on October 2023)
OccupationTikTok Live Host
Hosting StartJan 2022 – Present
TikTok Best FriendsOld Friends
Hair ColorBlack
Eye ColorBlack
Daily Live IncomeApproximately 20,000 US Dollars
Monthly Income/earningApproximately 17 Crore Pakistani Rupees
Net Worth (As of 2024)Approximately 7.2 million US Dollars
Net worth in rupeesApproximately 180 Crores PKR
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Mr. Patlo is not a educated person. He left his education in middle of school. He is not intrested in to be educted person. But he was lucky and he do hard working in social mrdia. however from what I’ve observed at some stage in his every day TikTok stay publicizes, to famous on tiktok.


The exact personalities of his father and mother stay undisclosed however in a contacting second with one of his gave fans he figured out on his TikTok account that he had gifted the absence of his mother. With respect to his kin there might be by and by no accessible measurements around them.


He was born in 1990 and is currently 25 years old. he was a young man and marrid person. He was good person and every carying.

Mr Patlo struggle:

He struggle start from 2018 when he lives in his village so he left his village move to sailkot for hard working to sport his family. But his lold never left him he support him. One day his friend tell him about bigo live. Then he live on bigo few month hard woking he will famous on bigo that friends will handling his account and give him some money for finance. He was not educated he dont know his bigo live earned in Million. But he friends giving him 25 thousand pkr per month.

Mr Patlo’s Social Media Handles:


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