Improving Memory

Whether you want to improve your memory for everyday life, school, or work, it’s kind of hard to know where to start. After all, memory is kind of mushy and not a traditional “hard skill” like coding. In general, I recommend outsourcing everything possible to your phone. Why not use your smart device to enhance your original smart device, your brain?

There are many apps out there that purport to beef up your memory skills, though research on whether they work has been spotty and conclusions about efficacy are pretty limited. One thing we do know is that they’re not going to magically cure major cognitive decline. Still, if a few puzzles a day help you feel better and get your gears going, it could be worth a download just to get that rush. Apps are just one of many ways to get a little brain boost, but below are some of the better ones out there.

Old reliable: Lumosity

Lumosity is the app that crops up most often when you’re looking for a tech tool to improve your memory and overall thinking power. Basic functionality is free, but to unlock all the features—and there are a lot of features—you’re looking at $15 per month. You can pick a track to focus on, from memory to attention to processing speed, among others, and play games once a day to improve your skills. The app even allows you to track not only your own progress, but your progress against others, in case you’re into a more competitive element.

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