PTA Warns Against Fraudulent links 0n WhatsApp, Social Media

1. Warning Issued:

  • The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) issued a warning last Friday regarding the proliferation of phishing scams and fake links on popular communication platforms such as WhatsApp, social media, and instant messages.
  • Fraudulent messages falsely claim association with the PTA’s Device Identification Registration and Blocking System (DIRBS). The circulating message, designed to appear official, falsely states that the user’s SIM card has been involved in “suspicious activities.”
  • The misleading message advises users to verify the number of SIM cards they own through a provided link. Another message threatens to suspend the user’s phone registration unless they visit a given link.
  • The PTA expresses concerns about misleading messages that deceive individuals into clicking on harmful links, putting their personal information at risk of compromise.

PTA’s Advisory and Recommendations:

  • The PTA urges the public to exercise caution and avoid clicking on links from unknown senders or numbers.
  • Instead, users are encouraged to report such suspicious numbers and links for blocking through the PTA’s complaint management system, which can be accessed via its toll-free number.
  • To safeguard personal information, the public is advised to remain cautious and use official platforms for communication.

Complaint Filing and Device Status Checking

  • To file a complaint with the PTA or check the status of their device, users are directed to visit the official PTA website.
  • An alternative method is to forward an SMS to 8484 from their mobile phone for complaint registration.
  • Users are reminded to rely on official communication channels and platforms to verify information and protect their personal data

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