PTA Warns Against Fraudulent links On WhatsApp, Social Media

The Pakistan Telecommunications Authority (PTA) on Friday issued a warning about phishing and fake links circulating on WhatsApp, social media and instant messaging. This message falsely claims to be associated with the PTA’s Device Identification Registration System and Blocking System (DIRBS).

The message sent appears to be an official communication, indicating that the user’s SIM is involved in “suspicious activities”. It then advises users to verify the SIM number through the link provided. Alternatively, another message threatens to unsubscribe the user unless a given link is visited.

The PTA asserted that these fraudulent messages enticed individuals to click on suspicious links, compromising their personal information. The PTA is warning people not to click on links from unknown numbers or senders.

The PTA urges the public to report such telephone numbers and contacts through the PTA’s complaints management system at its toll-free number. In addition, the public is cautioned to be vigilant and to prioritize the use of official forums to protect their personal affairs.

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