As you know, LPG is a popular fuel for cooking and heating in Pakistan, and the prices have been on the rise in recent months. For this reason, people want to know the LPG gas currency prices in Pakistan. So, what’s the LPG Gas price in Pakistan?

Stay around to know LPG Gas Price In Pakistan. LPG means liquefied petroleum gas. It’s a type of gas that’s commonly used for cooking, heating, and powering certain appliances. Imagine LPG gas as a super convenient fuel that comes in a liquid form. It’s stored under pressure in special tanks or cylinders to keep it all squished up. When you need to use it, you simply connect the tank or cylinder to your stove, heater, or appliance.

It’s really handy to use LPG gas because it’s portable. That means you can have these tanks or gas cylinders delivered to your home or go to a gas station or a local store to refill them. It’s like having a little energy source ready to go whenever you need it.

LPG gas was being sold at an expensive price before, making it difficult for normal people to buy it. So, the government considered this and thought of reducing the lpg gas per kg price to 235 per kilogram. 

Lpg Gas Price in Pakistan Today 23 September, 2023 | Gas Cylinder Price in Pakistan

LPG Gas Quantity Price in Pkr
LPG Rate Per Kg Rs 240
LPG Rate 12 Kg Cylinder Rs 2,880
LPG Rate 45.4 Kg Cylinder Rs 10,896

LPG Gas Cylinder Price | All Sizes Gas Cylinder Price

Gas Cylinder Size Purpose Price in Pkr
5 Kg Cylinder Rate Small home use Rs 3500
12 Kg Cylinder Rate Kitchen use Rs. 8000
45 Kg Cylinder Rate Commerical use Rs. 22,000
55 Kg Cylinder Rate Car/vehicle use Rs. 29,000

Factors That Affect LPG Gas Price In Pakistan

  1. International Crude Oil Prices: You know that LPG is a byproduct of crude oil refining, right? When crude oil prices go up or down in the global market, it directly impacts LPG prices in Pakistan. 
  2. Exchange Rates: Pakistan imports a good chunk of its LPG. When the value of the Pakistani currency changes compared to other currencies (we call it exchange rates), it can affect the price of LPG in the local market. So, if the currency goes down, LPG prices might increase, and vice versa.
  3. Transportation Costs: Okay, imagine LPG arriving at the port from abroad. But that’s not the end of the story! The cost of getting it from the port to the distribution centers across the country can add to the final retail price. So, higher transportation costs can nudge LPG prices upward.
  4. Government Regulations and Taxes: Oh boy, the government has a say in this too! The prices can change depending on their policies, taxes, and duties on LPG. If the government decides to slap on more taxes, well, brace yourself for higher LPG prices!
  5. Local Demand and Supply: Like any other commodity, the law of demand and supply plays a role here. If there’s a surge in demand for LPG (maybe due to winter and everyone needing it for heating), but the supply can’t keep up, prices might shoot up too!
  6. Seasonal Demand: Winter is coming! And you know what that means, right? During the chilly season, the demand for LPG shoots up because people use it for heating. So, be prepared for LPG prices to rise during those cold months.
  7. Weather Conditions: Mother Nature can be a wild card too! Extreme weather events can affect transportation and supply, potentially impacting LPG prices.

Top LPG Suppliers in Pakistan

  • PSO
  • Parco Pearl Gas
  • Pak Engineering and Automation
  • CIBA Enterprises Pvt Ltd
  • H&H LPG
  • Lub Gas
  • Noor LPG

Safety Measures of Using LPG

In Pakistan, we hear news every other day about gas cylinder explosions that have even caused deaths. Hence, we should follow some safety precautions when using LPG gas cylinders.

  • We should purchase LPG cylinders only from authorized and reputable suppliers who comply with safety standards and avoid buying from local shops.
  • Handle the gas cylinder with proper care, it should be placed in a fixed location, with no movement or mishandling.
  • Turn off the wall of the cylinder completely to avoid leakage of gas
  • Store LPG cylinders in a well-ventilated area, away from flammable materials and direct sunlight
  • Never overfill LPG cylinders, as excess gas can lead to pressure buildup and potential explosions
  • Must keep fire extinguishers near the gas cylinder to save yourself from any bad incident.


Hope this guide helps you in finding Lpg gas price in Pakistan. Keep in mind these rates cannot remain constant throughout the year, prices may change after every 15 days or a month depending on Ogra Pakistan’s new rate list. Prices of LPG have risen dramatically over the past year and are not within the reach of middle-class families. What is the Lpg rate per kg in your city? Do let us know in the comment section below.


  1. What is LPG?LPG stands for Liquefied Petroleum Gas. It is a mixture of propane and butane gases, which are liquefied under pressure for easy storage and transportation.
  2. What are the common uses of LPG?LPG is commonly used for cooking, heating, water heating, and fueling vehicles. It is also used in industrial processes and as a refrigerant
  3. How do I know if my LPG cylinder is safe to use?Regularly inspect the LPG cylinder for signs of damage, corrosion, or leaks. Ensure that the pressure relief valve is working correctly. Cylinders with proper certification markings are generally safe to use.
  4. Can I transport LPG cylinders in my car?Transporting LPG cylinders in a closed car is dangerous and prohibited in many places. Always follow local regulations and safety guidelines when transporting LPG cylinders.

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