KARACHI – The price of a single tola of 24-karat gold in Pakistan is Rs 215,800 on Saturday. The price of 10 grams of 24k gold was recorded at Rs185,020.

Likewise, 10 grams of 22k gold were being traded for Rs170,068 while a single tola of 22-karat gold was being sold at Rs198,365.

Note: The gold rate in Pakistan is fluctuating according to the international market so the price is never been fixed. The below rates are provided by local gold markets and Sarafa Markets of different cities.

LahorePKR 215,800PKR 2,565
KarachiPKR 215,800PKR 2,565
IslamabadPKR 215,800PKR 2,565
PeshawarPKR 215,800PKR 2,565
QuettaPKR 215,800PKR 2,565
SialkotPKR 215,800PKR 2,565
AttockPKR 215,800PKR 2,565
GujranwalaPKR 215,800PKR 2,565
JehlumPKR 215,800PKR 2,565
MultanPKR 215,800PKR 2,565
BahawalpurPKR 215,800PKR 2,565
GujratPKR 215,800PKR 2,565
NawabshahPKR 215,800PKR 2,565
ChakwalPKR 215,800PKR 2,565
HyderabadPKR 215,800PKR 2,565
NowshehraPKR 215,800PKR 2,565
SargodhaPKR 215,800PKR 2,565
FaisalabadPKR 215,800PKR 2,565

Gold Rate

Gold Rate in Pakistan: Today Gold Price updated on Saturday 23rd of September 2023 , 1 tola Gold Rate in Pakistan for 24 karat is Rs. 215600, 22 Karat Gold price for today is Rs. 197632, 21 karat rate for per tola is Rs. 188650 and 18k gold rate is Rs. 161700.00 for 1 tola.

Identify Gold rate in Pakistan in rupees for 1 tola is two hundred fifteen thousand six hundred rupees only, per 10 gram is one hundred eighty-four thousand eight hundred fifty rupees only, 24 karat 1 gram gold available in eighteen thousand four hundred eighty-five rupees only and per ounce gold rate is five hundred twenty-four thousand fifty  rupees only. Find out upto date and timely today Gold rate which are verified and updated as per Pakistan Sarafa Market. at GOLD.pk all essential details, graphs and latest updates on Gold rate available for all major cities of Pakistan. Here you can find out gold rates as per Karachi Sarafa Market

Gold rate per Tola in Pakistan today is Rs 215,500.000 on Saturday 23 Sep, 2023.

1 gram of 24k Gold was being sold at Rs 18,475.970 and 10 grams of 24K Gold were being traded for Rs 184,759.700.

A single ounce of 24 Karat Gold was trading at Rs 523,665.000.

How many grams are there in one Tola Gold?

Currently in Pakistan, one tola equals to 11.667 grams of gold

How many Tolas are there in one ounce of Gold?

One ounce is equal to 2.43 Tolas of Gold in Pakistan.

How many grams are there in one ounce of Gold?

One ounce of Gold is equivalent to 28.35081 grams

What Causes Price Fluctuations in Gold Prices?

Gold is recognized all over the world for its investment value as well as for its use in jewelry making. As a global market, gold prices can be affected by a host of factors. Some of the major potential drivers of live gold prices include:

 * Interest rates

   * Monetary policy

   * Geopolitics

   * Risk aversion/appetite

   * Currency markets

   * Inflation or Deflation

   * investment demand

   * jewelry demand

   * Equity markets

Gold is typically denominated in U.S. Dollars, and the value of the dollar can have a significant impact on the live gold price. As the dollar strengthens, it can potentially make gold relatively more expensive for foreign investors, driving the price down in the process. On the other hand, if the dollar is weakening, it can potentially make gold relatively less expensive for foreign investors, driving gold prices higher in the process. Changes in the U.S. Dollar Index are a major catalyst for changes in live gold prices on a daily basis.

Gold can also be affected by rising or falling gold jewelry demand. India, for example, is home to a major gold jewelry market. When demand for such jewelry is strong, gold prices may possibly rise. If jewelry demand is soft, however, it may potentially be reflected in weaker gold prices.

Interest rates are another primary driver of gold prices. Higher interest rates can make holding gold relatively more expensive, as there is an opportunity cost to hold gold given the fact that it does not pay dividends or interest. Lower interest rates, however, may potentially have a positive effect on gold. This is due to the fact that lower rates lessen the potential opportunity cost of holding gold, and therefore may possibly make it more attractive to investors.

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