Fire erupts in Saddar Karachi’s mobile market

In Saddar, Karachi, a fire broke out in the mobile market, spreading to several shops and creating a challenging situation for the authorities.

Prompt response to the emergency. Five fire trucks and two water tankers are actively involved in combating the fire, as confirmed by fire brigade officials.

In addition to the current resources, more fire brigade vehicles are on the way to the location, according to the fire brigade authorities.

The scope of the damage is yet to be determined, as fire brigade officials have reported that several shops have already been engulfed in flames.

At the moment, we do not have an immediate estimate of the number of affected shops.

Efforts to bring the situation under control are underway, with the fire brigade resorting to breaking the locks and shutters of the shops in an attempt to extinguish the fire.

The situation in Saddar, Karachi requires swift and coordinated actions to minimize the impact on the mobile market.

The authorities continue to work diligently to ensure the safety of the area and its residents.

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