Charges Revised for Sindh Driving License Services

Charges Revised for Sindh Driving License Services

Sindh Driving License

In a bid to enhance road safety and promote responsible driving, the Driving License Sindh department has implemented a comprehensive system for issuing driving licenses. The process, designed to instill awareness of road ethics and driving laws, aims to ensure that qualified drivers navigate the roads with a strong sense of responsibility.

Accessible Application Process

Citizens, both male and female, who have reached the minimum age of 18 can apply for a driving license through a user-friendly online platform. Prior to visiting the Driving License (D.L.) branch, applicants must obtain an online pre-appointment token, streamlining the process and minimizing wait times.

Physical appearance and medical fitness

Upon obtaining the pre-appointment token, applicants are required to appear physically at the relevant driving license branch, armed with their original Computerized National Identity Card (CNIC). The registration process includes an essential step: a meeting with a medical officer to assess the applicant’s fitness according to the Motor Vehicle Ordinance of 1965.

Learner’s Driving License

Before being granted a permanent license, applicants must first obtain a learner’s driving license, valid for one year. This provisional period allows individuals to gain practical experience and theoretical knowledge. After the designated time, applicants must undergo both practical and theoretical tests to qualify for a permanent driving license.

License Validity and Fees

The Driving License Sindh department issues permanent car and motorcycle driving licenses with validity periods of three and five years. The fees associated with these licenses are set at Rs 1,410 for a three-year validity and Rs 1,860 for a five-year validity.

Additional Charges

In addition to the standard license fees, applicants should be aware of fixed fee charges for various services:

Emphasis on Road Safety

The implementation of these streamlined procedures and associated fees underscores the commitment of the Driving License Sindh department to road safety and responsible driving. By ensuring that drivers undergo thorough testing and adhere to established road ethics, authorities aim to create a safer and more organized driving environment for all citizens. The accessibility of online applications and the clear fee structure further contribute to a more transparent and efficient licensing process. As road safety remains a top priority, these measures are crucial steps towards achieving a secure and responsible driving culture in Sindh.

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