Ankit Baiyanpuria Income and Net Worth Age, biography

Who is Ankit Baiyanpuria?

Ankit Singh, famously known as Ankit Baiyanpuria is a health YouTuber, bodybuilder, and health influencer from Bayanpur Village Sonipat Haryana. If you’re lively on Instagram and YouTube then you definately ought to have seen him due to the fact nearly all of his films have extra than hundreds of thousands of perspectives. He begins his video with the greeting ‘Ram Ram Bhai Sareya Ne.

He has been doing YouTube for a completely long term, and he uploaded his first video on March 27, 2017. Even after tons difficult paintings, he did not succeed till he took the ‘seventy five HARD Challenge’. The Ankit Baiyanpuria Diet Plan changed as honestly said within the 75 Hard Challenge Guidelines.

Early Life and Career:

Growing up Ankit’s tenacious quest for information and his enterprising soul put him beside his companions. He showed a natural ability to become mindful of advantageous open doors inside the commercial center pushing him nearer to top notch satisfaction.

Rise to Fame:

Ankit Baiyanpuria, a youthful and gifted individual, has soar to distinction on the famous video-sharing stage, YouTube. His excursion from lack of definition to fame merits investigating, as his ascent fills in as a motivation to endless hopeful substance makers.

Income Sources:

Ankit Baiyanpuria’s pay originates from various roads, displaying his flexibility and versatility. How about we investigate a portion of the essential sources:

Business: Through his pioneering adventures Ankit Baiyanpuria has effectively sent off and dealt with a few organizations. These organizations, supported by his shrewd thoughts and visionary techniques flourish in different areas, giving a steady type of revenue.

Computerized Showcasing: Ankit’s skill in the field of advanced advertising has acquired him massive acknowledgment. As a sought-after computerized promoting expert he helps organizations in expanding their web-based presence and lifting their image picture. This rewarding calling adds essentially to his general pay.

Public Speaking Commitment: Ankit Baiyanpuria’s tremendous information and dazzling rhetoric abilities have situated him as a conspicuous public speaker. He graces various occasions, gatherings, and classes sharing his experiences and motivating crowds around the world. These talking commitment contribute altogether to his pay.

Speculations: Ankit Baiyanpuria’s clever monetary intuition has driven him to settle on shrewd venture decisions. From land dares to stock portfolios he decisively broadens his ventures, guaranteeing a constant flow of profit from his resources.

Net Worth:

Ankit Baiyanpuria’s exceptional accomplishments and differentiated pay sources have finished in a noteworthy total assets. His constant endeavors and determined quest for greatness have moved him towards monetary achievement.

Albeit accurate figures with respect to his total assets are not openly uncovered, experts gauge it to be in the scope of $10 million to $15 million. This assessment recognizes his thriving organizations talking commitment and canny speculations.


Ankit Baiyanpuria is a broadly perceived person in the fields of business venture and computerized showcasing. With his uncommon vision and immovable devotion Ankit has cut his way to win. Brought into the world on June third, 1985 in a modest community he crossed through difficulties and arose as a conspicuous figure in the business.

Ankit Baiyanpuria 75 Hard Challenge:

In his 75 Hard Test, Ankit Baiyanpuria transfers a short 1-minute video consistently in which he shows his day to day existence including wellness exercises work diet plan and book perusing. The 75-Day Hard Test has made him so well known that everybody has lauded him for his persistent effort and commitment.

Prior to becoming renowned on YouTube, he used to do different positions like rec center preparation, Zomato food conveyance, and a few sponsorships on YouTube. Right now Ankit Baiyanpuria has more than 7.5 million devotees on Instagram 3.38 million endorsers on YouTube and 68.5K adherents on Twitter.

Some short bio and some quick fact about Ankit Baiyanpuria:

Real NameAnkit Singh
Social media NameAnkit Baiyanpuria
ProfessionYouTuber, Bodybuilder, Athlete, Influencer
Caste CategoryPrajapati
Born31 August 1993
BirthplaceBayanpur, Sonipat, Haryana
Age30 years old
CollegeMaharshi Dayanand University
Residence Bayanpur, Sonipat, Haryana
Monthly IncomeRs 40 – 50 lakh
Net WorthAround Rs 5 Crore

Ankit Baiyanpuria Age and Birthdate:

Ankit Baiyanpuria was brought into the world on 31 August 1993 in Bayanpur Town, Sonipat, Haryana. At this point, he is as of now 30 years of age.

Ankit Baiyanpuria Family:

Ankit Singh Otherwise known as Ankit Baiyanpuria lives with his family, which incorporates his dad, who is a rancher, and his mom, who is a homemaker. His dad upheld him in his wellness process.

Ankit Baiyanpuria Pay:

Before he acquired popularity, Ankit Baiyanpuria used to bring in cash by giving exercise center preparation and Zomato food conveyance. From exercise center preparation, he was procuring Rs 4-5 lakh yearly, and from ad and business, he was acquiring around Rs 2-3 lakh each year.

Subsequent to acquiring distinction, Ankit Baiyanpuria began procuring around Rs 40 – 50 lakh each month from YouTube and around Rs 2 – 3 lakh for a solitary brand joint effort.

Ankit Baiyanpuria YouTube Pay
Ankit Singh Also known as Ankit Baiyanpuria, has more than 3.49 million endorsers on YouTube, and he has all out perspectives on 781 million. From YouTube, he procures around Rs 40 – 50 lakh each month, around 5 – 6 crore each year.

Ankit is doing chosen brand sponsorships on YouTube, and according to certain sources, he charges Rs 5 lakh for each and every sponsorship.

Ankit Baiyanpuria Instagram Pay:

Ankit Baiyanpuria Instagram Pay
Ankit Singh has more than 5.8 million devotees on Instagram. According to certain sources, if any force to be reckoned with has beyond what 5 million supporters, he can undoubtedly charge Rs 2 – 3 lakh for every brand sponsorship.

The specific Instagram pay of Ankit Baiyanpuria isn’t uncovered, however according to certain sources, he charges around Rs 2 – 3 lakh for a solitary brand cooperation.

Ankit Baiyanpuria Diet:

75 Hard Test Rules. Ankit Baiyanpuria follows a severe eating regimen, normally founded on clean eating, where he dodges unhealthy food, liquor, and cheat dinners.

Ankit Baiyanpuria resolves two times every day. Ankit everyday Hydrate, and a liter of milk (for protein) and eat a bowl of yogurt day to day.

Ankit Baiyanpuria Official Social Media Account:


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